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In this section you will find a selection of essays written by international members from national Academies worldwide. The topics relate to IMBA’s way of understanding Muay Boran: the Spirit, the Science and the Art of Siam’s martial dicipline perceived with the eyes of modern practitioners.

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Every student who starts studying at IMBA finds the same obstacles when it comes to technical training; why so many names in Thai language, why different techniques looking alike but with different approaches, how to find a balance between the technical and physical training, and the biggest question is, why to train a real life […]

When one thinks about how the term Muay Boran has become well known in the world but at the same time misunderstood, one has to stop for a minute and see the whole picture when being a practitioner passionate for the fighting systems of ancient Siam. I have been a practitioner for about 14 years, […]

International Academy – What Does It Mean? IMBA has taken me to Italy and Switzerland and I have made friends all over the world from Colombia to Australia. This spring our country representative even travels to Mexico for a training camp with another member from our gym. But what does being international mean in our […]

As a martial artist of 20 plus years when I embark on learning something new whether it be another art form or skill I need a basic structure to guide me through the learning phase before I have the confidence to embark on the true learning curve of any form of discipline. That’s just me. […]

When you want to start a Martial Practice, you have a lot of options that can be covered by the School you choose; For example you can practice to get in shape, maybe you want to be in a competitive environment, start looking if you have the skills to be a professional fighter, or maybe […]

Learning martial arts wasn’t always my dream – actually it has never been. I ended up starting Muay Boran by accident, and I never really thought it would be something for me. But on the contrary, I found a hobby and a passion that I’ve practiced for almost two years now. Even though I’m still […]

Martial Arts have spread through the ages as a subject of men, whether for cultural or religious reasons, or for the most common reason: to believe that a woman can never defeat a man in combat. Although martial arts emerged so that weaker men could defeat stronger men using both technique and force, the word […]

Week 29 Still a couple of working days left before taking off to enjoy the beautiful Italian landscape. I started training Muay Boran in January 2015 after which I have been totally hooked by the art. The first year I already had the possibility to join this awesome – I had heard – training trip […]

Beyond translating the concept, would you know how to define the term “freezing effect”? Would you know what gross motor skills are? Or what the term Killer Instinct means? From the exception of some few adepts, probably, the most of you do not have the idea of it. Well, then you should know these previous […]

Through the years, I have been able to understand that everything requires a validation and that in turn gives credibility to what one does, says or shows and everything goes hand to hand, nothing can be made without a why and a how. Since I can remember, at a very young age I have had […]

Let me present you the IMBA Curriculum more than just a working plan for someone who wants to start a Martial Arts training. Let’s think about the term “experience” and let me develop a little bit more. When you belong to a federation, everything is about politics and how much you can take from it; […]

In this I.M.B.A. academic year (2016-2017), I had the pleasure of attending seminars, as well as at the training course, of Combat Muay Boran, of Master De Cesaris. 77 techniques, exclusively offensive (chern muay) have been collected in a single form. More precisely there are 20 techniques of fists, 16 of kicks, 12 of knees, […]

When the Idea of the IMBA World Day was born, the objective was to unite all IMBA branches around the world into a celebration in which for one day we make different activities to promote what we love; The Combat Muay Boran training, the system organized and structured by the Grand Master Marco de Cesaris. […]

Rome, cette ville pleine d’histoire où de nombreux touristes viennent flâner et découvrir un lieu si sympathique qu’il est difficile d’en partir. C’est également un lieu que je fréquente chaque année depuis 10 ans maintenant, afin de me recueillir, de m’imprégner de la chaleur du soleil, des gens et de l’hospitalité de l’IMBA, International Muay […]

I used to be a really skinny guy, with very few muscle development and zero technique. I was angry with the world, I had just finished a relationship, didn’t like my job, my family wasn’t reunited under the same roof; you could tell I hated my life. When I met my Master Marco de Cesaris […]

(One, two, three) this is the last sound in my memory at bed time. Let me introduce myself, I am Sebastian Garcia Muay Boran Practitioner at IMBA Colombia, and I radically put my normal life in pause to accomplish my dream and to follow my heart. Without speaking Italian and with a short budget I […]

A long time ago my parents-in-law asked me to cut down a branch of a tree in their garden. The branch was not really big, but enough that it required a saw to cut it. I asked my in-laws if they could hand me over a saw; my father-in-law came back with a smile on […]

This feeling is one of the driving forces that keeps me reaching my limits in learning and teaching Muay Boran – lifting them higher and higher every single time I surpass myself. I am talking about the feeling that this year’s IMBA Summer Gathering has left inside me once again. But what happens when teachers […]

The fighting mind, body and spirit is always under construction, but cannot be achieved alone. Accountability is the secret and unity is the key Grand Master Marco De Cesaris does not just lead an international academy for Muay Boran; rather, he lays a foundation of knowledge, opportunity and more significantly, interaction. In a small Italian […]

When you think about an International event where different countries will join in a Seminar and you will end the week with a group examination, the first thing you have in mind is the competitive element. In Muay Thai everything is about being faster, stronger, better and if you like the competition, you will always […]

Rome is undoubtly a city to visit for anyone who wants to see the most beautiful architecture and landscapes, to taste the most delicious food and to know amazing people with an amazing language and culture. After I began training Muay Boran under the IMBA work program I always wished to come to Rome and […]

Every day I wake up I have more questions than yesterday regarding Muay Boran. After every lesson and training session I teach my head dwells with new ideas about how to improve our classes and teaching. But I don’t just let them dwell there infinitely out of order. Instead, at home I seek for information […]

Italia, Costacciaro. 25-30 July Summer outside training in beautiful country surroundings. This is an opportunity to train in beautiful surroundings in the countryside of Italy. You will train twice a day outdoors with Grand Master Marco De Cesaris and other IMBA groups from around the world. You will be taught new and exciting techniques whilst […]

The quiet panting of shadow boxing, the exploding and resonating voice of Thai pads being struck and the empowering cheering of your training partner are accompanied by Grand Master Marco De Cesaris’ guiding, yet demanding voice and his instructions. Exhausted by the travel, two eager trainers of Muay Boran sweat their last bits of energy […]

The Academy of Muay Thai Boran Ramakien is the home of the International Muay Boran Academy I.M.B.A. In colombia. 7 days a week we breathe Muay Thai from the perspective of traditional practice that Combat Muay Boran can offer. The detailed work plan that teaches the Grand Master Marco de Cesaris through the school is […]

To train in a contemporary martial art, like MMA or Muay Thai is to access the past by virtue of the present. A mighty evolution has occurred in these arts in order that what we train today be efficient fighting systems, dynamic and applicable to reality. Today’s contemporary Muay Thai is a mixture of radical […]

El pasado 5 de marzo de 2016 se llevó a cabo la Segunda Edición del Día Mundial de I.M.B.A. y los 18 países en donde existe una sede de la Academia se unieron a esta Gran Fiesta celebrando la Práctica del Combat Muay Boran de I.M.B.A. Todos los Países vibraron al unísono en un mismo […]

On the 5th March 2016, the second edition of the only worldwide Muay Boran event took place. IMBA academies from 18 different countries (Italy, Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru) all participated by creating their own specific event for the day. Each country […]