Through the years, Muay Thai training systems have emerged as an example of combat efficiency and the basic methods utilized by professional Thai boxers have become common heritage of the fighters of many full contact styles of combat. Apart from the natural physical and mental skills and characteristics of each athlete, there are three pillars on which a Thai boxer’s efficiency in combat is built .
These three “ingredients” that can never be left out of the recipe for success transmitted by Muay Thai traditions are as follows:
1. roadword,
2. impact training (Thai Pads, Focus Gloves, Heavy Bags),
3. and clinch work (thai grappling).
The complimentary elements that are normally included in all training routines, are shadow boxing (free style or performed according to set patterns) and sparring ( executed according to specific modalities). Thanks to a regular and intense application of these methods tested by generations of practitioners, every martial artist can strengthen his muscles and tendons, increase his stamina and bone resistance, converting his body into a powerful tool of offense and defense.

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Body or head shots: what is the best way to make sure you will knock your opponent out during a fight? The question obviously offers a wide range of possible answers, mostly depending on the personal experience of who is responding. In addition, if we take sport fighters into account, the answer will mainly vary […]

The first basic exercise employed by Khru Muays to teach their students to bear pain is running: every thai boxer start to bulid up his fighting spirit by wearing running shoes and by hitting the road; up and down, fast and slow, they all pile up miles and miles to become real fighters. Next step […]

Solo practise of techniques of attack, defense and counterattack is considered one of the most important phases of a Nak Muay’s training and is expressed either in a series of free movements or in coded patterns, these latter commonly called Forms. In Thailand this practice takes various names, Ram Muay, which means Combat Dance, being […]

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di Marco De Cesaris “The heavy bag must be hit with all the force you have: it needn’t sway, rather you should try to destroy it; only in this way will you have a KO strike in street-fights.” Jack Dempsey-World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. For many martial artists and athletes in every class, the bag has […]

Training drills with focus gloves are a basic tool for a thai boxer; through a correct use of this equipment a boxer will learn: How to correctly execute basic or complex punch and elbow single attacks or combinations. How to develop accuracy in striking, timing and a sharp sense of distance, working on a small […]

Just like any other martial art even Muay Thai incorporates training drills using special tools geared towards increasing a thai boxers attributes. In modern times the evolution of archaic training methods led to the introduction of special leather hitting pads called Pao that the trainer uses during any training session. The versatility of those tools […]

Any fighter who wishes to reach a high level in his (or her) chosen Martial Art must devote a part of his daily training to bag work. In particular, the powerful punches needed to knock out quickly an opponent on the street or on the ring are forged mainly through a regular and intensive training […]

Pao (thai pads) are the most tipical Muay Thai training equipment in use in every thai camp, together with a plethora of heavy bags, shields and body protectors. Usually thai pads are worn by the trainer in pairs, one on each forearm; nevertheless, a very refined system of using Paos consists in wearing only one […]

Shin conditioning Among the many typical training systems adopted by Muay Thai practitioners, shin conditioning has always been one of the most spectacular, especially for the newcomers. In the past, shins were hardened by hitting banana trees, in motherland Thailand, since those trees have a soft surface and are perfect targets for a thai boxer […]